Even distribution/Line up laser welded diamond cutting disc 17mm


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Application: Reinforced concrete, old concrete, cured concrete, concrete slab, precast slab, hard brick, masonry, general construction materials.
*Segments with even distribution diamond grits which precisely layout in more dimensional patterns can produce best performance with faster and consistent cutting and longer lifetime
1). Laser welded technology.
2). Both Dry and Wet Use.
3). Maximizing the value with good performance.
4). Easy and smooth cutting
5). Long cutting life



Diameter Seg. LxT(mm) Seg. height Seg.No. Cutting Materials
12" 300mm 20/30/40*3.2 12/17mm 21 Concrete/General purpose
14" 350mm 20/30/40*3.2 12/17mm 24 Concrete/General purpose
16" 400mm 30/40*3.4 12/17mm 28 Concrete/General purpose
18" 450mm 30/40*3.6 12/17mm 32 Concrete/General purpose
20" 500mm 30/40*3.6 12/17mm 36 Concrete/General purpose
24" 600mm 30/40*3.6 12/17mm 42 Concrete/General purpose


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